Shel asked Vince whether she planned to swim or not.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

I regret having been idle in my school days.


Get Rafael out of here.

He doesn't like to wait until the last moment to do something.

Moses denied the accusation.

Get out of my car.

One lives and learns.


Timo's a yo-yo dieter, who's lost weight many times, only to put it back on again.

I hope that you won't make the same mistake as Linley.

Let's fly kites.

I hope Anita isn't around.

It's convenient for me to see you at ten tonight.


Nothing's wrong with them.

Why did you go to Tokyo?

I'm reading it.


She doesn't sing very well.

Look at the boy jump!

Sugar is bad for your teeth.

You're still awake? Isn't it already three over there?

She is curious to find who sent the flowers.

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She liked him much better than the other two kittens.


If you load too much weight in this box, it's going to blow up.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?

The house we used to live in was torn down.

I need help in here.

Why aren't you at school?

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He kept silent during the meeting.


Why are you telling me this now?

The tea is so hot that I cannot drink it.

I'm very relaxed.

Suddenly he noticed me.

May the new year bring you happiness!


I can't bring myself to tell him that there's no way he'll get the position.

I'd like to have the translation of this song.

You were asleep at your post.


I rarely watch documentaries.

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Paola fooled everybody, including me.

Jacques is looking at us.

Save me a piece of pie.

Josip got her nose pierced.

His new novel is based on his own experiences.

The cow moos, the rooster crows, the pig oinks, the duck quacks, and the cat meows.

I'm just trying to be friendly.

Our teacher is not always kind to us.

Yesterday there were two weddings here.


Tuition will be raised by nearly ten percent as of April 1, 2001.


I can tell you things you won't hear from anyone else.

I won't lose!

I never felt like I fit in.

That happened on Park Street.

I don't think I'd like it.

When is the next bus to Boston?

Johan is vulnerable.

Old and I talked about various things.

Dory asked me for my number.

Members of the Bavarian State Opera have refused to come to Japan because of fear of radiation from Fukushima.

What would Shutoku say if he walked in right now?

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People massed along the streets to watch the parade.

Everything has become much clearer.

So, I didn't call for any particular reason; I just wanted to hear your voice. If you're busy, I'll let you go.

It is you who is in the wrong.

The furniture in his office is very modern.

I want you to come to Boston.

Tie him to a tree.


I like to play the piano.

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Marco gave his daughter a stuffed bunny.

I'm sure you can't do it.

Spring will arrive there soon.


Make your brain work before talking!

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He was ahead of his time.


I have a lot to think about in relation to the affair.

Let's get down to business, shall we?

I believe that Lyndon is not guilty.


I don't care either way.

It won't be enough.

Casey isn't an actor.

What an oddball he is!

I bumped into Keith in the supermarket yesterday.

Robin could still be alive somewhere.

Yes, orange juice, please.

This hat is too tall.

White collar crime has made American people trust the government less.

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Never tell a lie.


He felt himself lifted up.

Len likes to box.

I remember the dream I had when I slept in your arms.

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It's very hot here in the summer.

What did you just say?

I don't see anything from my room since I always keep my curtains closed.

Stay calm. You'll have your reward tomorrow.

"Are you doing something after school?" "No, not really. Why?" "Do you want to do something with me?"

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I taught Douglas how to survive.

Do you want to sell your house?

She's been staying with me since she was acquitted.

Yankee Doodle came to town // Riding on a pony // He stuck a feather in his cap // and called it macaroni.

I want to stay here.

Sometimes it is important to take a decision quickly.

She has survived three wars.


The ground was very rocky.


I've never met Jared's wife.

Shuvra took the axe and went to chop down some trees in the forest; because he wanted to build a new barrier.

There is the scent of pineapples in the sun.

The people who were here have all gone.

Please don't go home.

Sanford is one of my friends.

This car was so cheap that he could afford it.

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Liber couldn't hide his excitement.

Are you sure this is what Ramon wanted us to buy?

Everyone knows their names.

It's likely to take much longer than you think it will.

I knew I could trust her.

What do you think I should do about this?

We'll deal with it.

Why did Marsh come back?

A dog does not eat a dog.


Over $30 million in priceless art was stolen from that museum last year.

Sarah is a mousy-quiet and reserved woman.

Our problems are nothing compared to theirs.

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I need you to bring me something.


Dorian told me that I should've said yes.

Hitoshi went to unlock the door, but found that it was already unlocked.

You were my best friend.

Can you look at these two pictures and say which one is better?

Maybe you should tell him.

A stranger you arrive, a friend you depart.

I consider you a friend.

I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with Erik.

Be reasonable.

Isn't it remarkable?

Winnie has always been poor.


How beautiful and free the cranes were! Sadako sighed and closed her eyes.

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She often takes advantage of his ignorance.

Ritalynne ought to have been a cop.

All the ills of democracy can be cured by more democracy.

I need you to help me find them.

Felix adopted our idea.

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He cannot swim any more than a hammer can.

You're a little overweight.

Do you know how long they have been married?

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We didn't have any choice.


Ramon will tell you the truth.

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He suggested to her that she should buy it.

My job is taking care of the baby.

It appears to me that he is angry.

The coffee has a nice aroma.

We've crashed and burned.

Keep on smiling.

Rod doesn't think he'll get in trouble.

Eileen is the night janitor.

Let's do it at our own pace without hurrying.


I don't wanna hear another word about it.


It was as hard as rock.

She has been sick since last week.

Jef showed me the letter.


My father achieved that and more in four words, which made quoting Shakespeare as effective as any business adviser could wish.


We'll never reach London before dark.

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We can't blame them.