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A big hack has startled the crypto-world. And a new blockchain review system started making waves. Excited to find out more? Let’s quickly jump into the highlights for this week’s cryptocurrency summary: Cryptocurrency Summary for this Week: The Maple Exchange has become a victim of hackers. But the skeptics are not buying into the news. […]

Nuls Coin Prediction: Expert Analysis


Nuls is a blockchain platform that lauds itself as highly modular. Using Nuls blockchain one can implement smart contracts, cross-chain consensus, and multi-chain mechanisms. Let’s find out more about Nuls and Nuls Coin Prediction: In the Nuls ecosystem, not only users can create public sub-chains, but also can implement private sub-chains. These sub-chains are customizable […]

Zcoin Mining: What You Should Know


Zcoin (XZC) is an innovative privacy-themed coin that uses the Zerocoin protocol to guarantee anonymity to users.This coin originally came about as an attempt to improve on Bitcoin but later became a fully-fledged coin. Zcoin initially launched as an extension of Bitcoin. However, the low rates of community adoption made it an unrealistic proposition. Before […]

Bitcoin Cash at the Brink: CoinBase, Poloniex and Binance Involvement


Perhaps it’s because of the open source nature of blockchain that make public projects interesting. Though it can end up decimating the Bitcoin Cash network, the controversy around it is a movie scripting moment. Roger Ver—formerly known as Bitcoin Jesus is an evangelist and an advocate of Bitcoin Cash. Meanwhile, Dr Craig Wright claims to […]

Revain Coin: A Trustworthy Blockchain-Based Review System

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Revain Coin is a blockchain based automated feedback platform. To be more specific, Revain coin provides liquidity to the Revain platform which has the efficient feedback mechanism. The Blockchain is an important innovation for many reasons. One of these possibilities is blockchain immutability. This means that data on the blockchain in transparent and unalterable. Accordingly, […]


MGO COIN Review by eCoin4dummies

MobileGo (MGO) is an ERC20 compliant token. It is designed to incentivize the participation, loyalty, and involvement in the Gamecredits ecosystem. In this article, we will give you a detailed MobileGo Review (MGO coin). Gamecredits is a mobile gaming store. And its default cryptocurrency is GAME, also often called as Gamecredits in reference. MobileGo helps […]

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kyc aml policy - eCoin4dummies

Cryptocurrency Scams or Hacks are on the rise and exchanges are on the edge. Last week, Maple Exchange (which is offline at press time) fell prey to “hackers” who made way with around $900 BTC. That’s virtually all of the exchange’s fund. At current BTC/USD spot prices, that’s a staggering $5.9 million in losses. What’s […]

Your Weekly Crypto Summary – Ep 1

Crypto Summary - Episode 1 by eCoin4dummies

The last week in the crypto-world has been a little exciting and shows some promising news as well. That said, let’s quickly jump into this week’s crypto summary highlights: Crypto Summary Highlights U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) gives a green flag for the Bitcoin Futures Mixin messenger gains popularity as the crypto-world’s answer to […]

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eCoin4Dummies Scholarship

We, at eCoin4dummies, believe that education is the best way to create equal opportunities for people no matter their background, gender, race or ethnicity. Since each of us got to know cryptocurrencies, we have been dedicating our work to educate the masses about what is crypto, and how, if successful,  it may contribute to decentralizing […]


DAI coin by eCoin4dummies

DAI coin is a stable coin. That is, DAI aims to remove the effects of volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. So, you can use DAI coin regularly for purchases and transfers without worrying about the state of the crypto market. DAI stablecoin is collateral backed cryptocurrency. Anyone can generate DAI coin by putting […]